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Communicating the vision for a project is not often the easiest things to achieve.

For developers, realising that vision means establishing and maintaining communication with an ever-widening range of stakeholders, including architects, interior designers, construction teams and their leaders, investors and, increasingly, authorities from different tiers of government.

Procore construction management software brings together all stakeholders to deliver not only effective communication but also to create a “golden thread” of data that encompasses the project from conception to completion.

Recent reforms in the industry, particularly in NSW—which have been lauded as the toughest in the country in history—have thrown the need to move from paper methods to cloud-based, online solutions into sharp focus.

With the onus clearly on developers and builders to carry the responsibility for such aspects of projects as safety and quality of build, the need to meet, detail and record legislative requirements in the most effective and simplest way is paramount.

It seems clear from the reforms that digital data and the technology that can best harness it is the way forward and crucial to quality assurance processes and certification.

▲ Construction management software solutions from Procore streamline the entire project process.

The Procore solution allows the design and implementation of quality assurance plans with easy-to-use tools, fosters accountability across site and office with a single source of truth, and use intelligent data insights to drive quality improvement and excellence.

Currently, about 40 per cent of the construction industry is still using paper-based methods, leading to delays, errors, costly redo’s and frustration. The move to digitalisation of these processes has brought higher levels of quality assurance as well as centralised reporting, which makes it easier and more accurate for developers to monitor and report on individual projects and across portfolios.

Digitising quality processes is crucial, not just for grassroots improvement in the processes that drive quality, but also to be able to effectively draw on the underlying data to efficiently report on quality standards.

Centralised project management software ensures all stakeholders are working from a single set of up-to-date drawings and plans, and also establishes a baseline of transparency and visibility across an entire project.

It reduces the burden on site teams by creating clear processes and forms that reinforce accountability and produce comprehensive and traceable documentation.

▲ The strengthening of building legislation has brought the need for digital solutions into sharp focus.

Defects become easier to trace and rectify, documentation is no longer optional or incomplete, and data is easily mined for insights and reporting.

Without a collaborative and transparent system, siloed point solutions require executives and administration staff to extract and analyse data, and build reports for various stakeholders.

However, an integrated construction management platform delivers sophisticated reporting and benchmarking at the click of a button, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Project complexities on rise

As the network of stakeholders for projects increases, due in part to the building reform requirements, the need and scope of reporting is also becoming more complicated.

Technology is the answer to simplifying this task.

Construction management platforms that best meet these needs not only provides the tools to manage and monitor quality processes, but also delivers intelligent data insights that drive quality improvement and excellence.

It should allow owner and developers to monitor and benchmark across their full portfolio, and monitor performance of contractors and quality standards.

▲ Digital solutions bring clarity to a project across its entire lifespan.

Procore Analytics has more than 200 out-of-the-box reporting options and customisation options that turn project data into business intelligence.

It also has the ability to bring data together from disparate sources (through integrations) for analysis, creating a complete picture.

The utilisation of real-time data from site teams means greater insights into the root causes of quality issues, for example.

Whatever the role, from developer to contractor, architect to landscaper, the need for accurate, contemporary and accessible data across all aspects of a project is increasing.

Procore is a global leader in construction management platforms and can show you how and where the advantages lie for your operations.

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