Republishing Guidelines

These guidelines are for digital republishing only. If you are interested in re-publishing an article in print, please email your request to managing editor Ana Narvaez—

Our mission as an organisation is to better connect, inform and inspire our community so as to yield better and smarter urban outcomes for our cities.

A foundation of this strategy is to allow our readers and community to republish our articles under a Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license.

All material published by The Urban Developer is our intellectual property unless otherwise stated. If you'd like to republish our content, please follow the republishing guidelines.

  1. We ask that you do not reprint any articles from TUD in full. Publish the first 50 words and then provide a link to the original article with a link to the TUD website.

  2. Include the canonical tag to the article so TUD is noted as the original source: <link rel=”canonical” href=”URL OF BLOG POST”> (or use an appropriate plugin).

  3. Do not make changes to an article. If you do wish to make changes to an article you have to get approval from our managing editor first.

  4. You must credit The Urban Developer and include a copy of The Urban Developer at the beginning and end of the post.

  5. You have to credit The Urban Developer by linking back to our homepage of the URL of the article.

  6. You are not able to sell our content.

  7. You have to check that you are licensed to use the images used in the article you are republishing. Copyright terms are generally listed in the image caption and attribution. You are welcome to omit our images or substitute with your own. Charts and interactive graphics follow the same rules.

  8. Do not systematically republish all of our articles.

Special cases

Extracts: you can run the first few lines or paragraphs of the article and then: “read the full article on The Urban Developer” with a link back to the article.

Quotes: you can quote authors provided you include a link back to the article URL.

Podcast and video: are also covered by creative commons and the same attribution requirements apply.

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