Editorial Charter

As of 20 May 2020

  • We are a news-first, independent editorial voice that informs and connects professionals working in the built environment and the broader community.

  • We are committed to building audience trust through transparency, integrity, quality and consistency.

  • We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, fairness and balance to provide honest, independent and impartial journalism.

  • We are fiercely independent and our journalists and editors are free from the influence of advertisers and commercial business pressures.

  • We will at all times act ethically and report fairly and objectively, embracing The Statement of General Principles outlined by the Australian Press Council.

  • We will always endeavour to correct any mistakes at the earliest opportunity and invite any complaints to be resolved through our Complaints Handling Policy.

  • We do not take a policy position on specific issues, however, we will occasionally publish opinion pieces from academics and experts in their respective fields.

  • We will respect the privacy of individuals through adherence to privacy laws and codes of conduct.

  • We will avoid causing or contributing to distress, prejudice, health or safety of individuals or organisations, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.

  • We will act with consideration and sensitivity to issues of race, gender, religion, nationality, colour, country of origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, illness and age.

  • We will ensure that conflicts of interests are avoided or adequately disclosed and do not have influence on editorial direction or published material.

  • We express our corporate values through our vision to empower our community to make better decisions that will result in better outcomes for the built environment.

  • We are privately-owned by our founders and staff and are free from external influence or interests.