Procore’s Action Plans Brings Digital Advantage to ITPs


The ongoing revolution in the construction sector sparked by government-led reforms has given greater impetus to the adoption of digital solutions to create compliance efficiently and easily.

Globally, these reforms are setting new standards for quality and safety.

The Building Reforms in NSW, made up of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 and the Residential Apartment Buildings Act 2020, for example, are transforming building and project quality, and compliance in that state.

This includes clarifying that a legal duty of care is owed to them by people who carry out construction work.

The NSW Customer Service Department’s focus on the digitisation of the industry, and how technology can better support developers, builders and contractors from the design stages to the handover to occupants, has those working within the sector in the state ensuring their operations are adopting best-practice solutions.

▲ Digitisation across the sector is a bit part of building reforms globally.
▲ Digitisation across the sector is a big part of building reforms globally.

Trust and transparency are key to rebuilding the industry’s reputation, and technology is proving it has a vital role to play.

That includes delivering tools that make it easy for construction businesses to digitise their quality assurance processes, and by making it easy to collaborate on plans and share data with all stakeholders.

Inspection test plans (ITPs) are a crucial part of the quality assurance process, ensuring that each step of a project is completed at the right time and to the correct standards.

Traditional paper-based methods cannot provide the standards required. Lost, damaged and/or incomplete ITPs introduce risk to the project and increase the likelihood of defects and rework—a costly, potentially dangerous and inefficient process.

Using this out-dated method literally means there is no easy way to create, organise and co-ordinate the quality of work on a project while keeping everyone informed and accountable.

To solve that, leading digital construction solutions provider Procore has developed the first-in-market digital ITPs solution, called Action Plans.

The Action Plans tool helps ensure that a company and its project-specific requirements are clearly defined, centralised and organised.

Action Plans allow users to create plans that outline a project’s critical milestones, points in the timeline that represent the standards of quality for the defined scope of work.

▲ Procore's Action Plans is an industry-first digital solutions to ITPs.
▲ Procore's Action Plans is an industry-first digital solutions to ITPs.

A high degree of accountability is also possible thanks to the platform preserving records of work completed as well as documenting the approval from responsible parties for that completed work.

At every step, Action Plans is the way to keep a project on track and all stakeholders informed and accountable, adding a level of collaboration previously impossible to achieve.

As the single source for all aspects of a project, Action Plans means every party involved can access information they need, confident that it is correct.

It also provides an indisputable record to satisfy regulation requirements as well as adding the highest level of assurance for a project’s clients.

Procore was founded in 2003 and its platforms are in use on more than a million projects in 125-plus countries.

Throughout its history, Procore has been committed to improving and supporting the construction sector as a partner to the industry and as innovation leaders.

This continues today with Action Plans, which was designed in collaboration with, and tested by, more than 240 Australian construction companies, ensuring that it provides solutions and processes that truly work in the “real world’.

To learn more about how Procore’s Action Plans—and its other solutions—can take your operations to a new level, request a demo.

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