Dig Deep into Rise of Timber Construction in Australia


The construction industry in Australia has experienced a surge in the use of timber construction in recent years. As the demand for sustainable and cost-effective building materials increases, developers and architects have turned to timber as a viable solution.

Three notable projects in Australia that have embraced the use of timber construction are La Trobe University Student Accommodation in Bundoora, C6 in Perth, and T3 in Collingwood.

LaTrobe University Student Accommodation | Bundoora, Victoria 

This project  features cross-laminated timber (CLT) as its primary construction material, making it a highly environmentally friendly and efficient building. CLT is manufactured using sustainably sourced wood, and its light weight and versatility make it an attractive option for developers. The result is a high-performance building that is also affordable, making it an ideal choice for student housing.

Developer: La Trobe University
Architect: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (JCB)
Consultant: WoodSolutions

c6 | Perth, Western Australia 

Designed by Elenberg Fraser, this project is another example of the rise of timber construction in Australia. This multi-residential development, also built using CLT, is a highly efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution that showcases the benefits of this material. C6 features rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and green walls, making it one of the most environmentally responsible residential developments in Australia.

Developer: Grange Developments
Elenberg Fraser

T3 Collingwood | Melbourne, Victoria 

T3 by Hines demonstrates the use of timber construction in a commercial setting. This development is one of the first in Australia to feature CLT in its structure, making it a highly innovative project. The use of CLT provides a number of benefits, including improved sustainability, reduced construction time and lower costs. T3 is a prime example of how timber construction can be used in a commercial setting, delivering both environmental and economic benefits.

Developer: Hines
Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (JCB)

The Urban Developer
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