Proptech Helps Development Do More With Less Dock Space


One of the challenges posed by urban developments is how to do more, with less dock space.

A balance needs to be struck between the competing requirements of maximising gross lettable space, managing an increasing number of deliveries and related traffic congestion, while at the same time improving site amenity for all users.

MobileDOCK provides a solution with an efficient, automated and controlled process of connecting the site with its community of tenants and their suppliers, carriers and drivers.

This Australian-developed property technology has been delivering benefits to a range of urban developments for more than a decade, with clients including Barangaroo, Westfield, ICC, David Jones, Emporium, Melbourne’s 80 Collins Street and Collins Arch, Auckland’s Commercial Bay and Msheireb Downtown Doha in Qatar.

MobileDOCK provides the same benefits that air traffic control provides an airport, allowing the site to configure specific rules that determine and control which transport carriers, drivers or contractors have access to the site, at what times, and for how long

With a focus on the sites community and the flexibility to determine and configure rules that are specifically suited to its requirements, MobileDOCK can provide benefits to every site.

How many loading docks does your site really need?

▲ During the planning phase, MobileDOCK can be used to provide informed decisions on the optimal dock space required based on your expected mix of tenants and uses.

During the planning phase, MobileDOCK can be used to provide informed decisions on the optimal dock space required based on your expected mix of tenants and uses.

Using data based on tracking and analysing more than 4 million deliveries into commercial destinations across Australia and New Zealand, MobileDOCK determines the number and size of loading docks your site will require across both peak and non-peak periods.

By accurately gauging the dock space required, you’ll be able to maximise the gross lettable areas of your development, while ensuring its operational efficiency.

This analysis, combined with the operational benefits delivered by the ongoing use of system can be used to support Development Applications

What deliveries are due at your site tomorrow, and what are you doing to manage congestion at your site?

During the construction, or fit-out phases or when the site operational—MobileDOCK provides the control over the inbound traffic movements allowing you to maximise the efficiency of your site, and ensuring it can do more with less dock space.

Benefits such as reduced congestion, improved site safety and security and an improvement to the overall amenity of the site are realised once these inbound traffic movements are controlled.

Start doing more with less dock space : find out how MobileDOCK can deliver benefits for your development.

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