Proptech Helps Developers Obtain Planning Approvals


Local councils and planning authorities are increasingly focused on the impact of new development on existing urban congestion and amenity.

Loading Dock Management Plans have evolved from footnotes to planning approvals, to detailed documents specifying how the site will manage the operational challenges of the additional commercial delivery volumes.

Having a plan to manage these challenges is increasingly important as local councils progressively remove commercial parking from the kerbside in busy urban areas.

MobileDOCK provides a solution with an efficient, automated and controlled process of connecting the site with its community of tenants and their suppliers, carriers and drivers.

The technology allows the unique constraints of each site to be automatically reflected in how appointments are created—providing the means to control vehicle arrivals.

MobileDOCK provides the same benefits that air traffic control provides an airport, allowing the site to configure specific rules that determine and control which transport carriers, drivers or contractors have access to the site, at what times, and for how long.

This Australian-developed property technology has been delivering benefits to a range of urban developments for more than a decade, with clients including Barangaroo, Westfield, ICC, David Jones, Emporium, Melbourne’s 80 Collins Street and Collins Arch, Auckland’s Commercial Bay and Msheireb Downtown Doha in Qatar.

“MobileDOCK’s database of actual delivery information can be used by developers to make informed decisions on the optimal dock space required based on the expected mix of tenants and uses,” MobileDOCK chief operating officer, Chris Mason said.

“Using data we can help you predict the delivery volumes across a typical day and design the number and type of dock spaces that maximise the gross lettable areas—while providing confidence that the loading docks designed will be operationally functional.”

MobileDOCK provide a “whole of life” solution to the operating needs of each site through design, construction and handover to daily operations.

How are our customers using MobileDOCK to realise benefits at their sites?

  • Shape the timing of deliveries to suit the requirements and constraints of each site

  • Specific instructions to carriers and drivers about the size and dimensions and types of vehicles allowed to access their site

  • Permanent or recurring bookings to services essential to the site such garbage collection, mail or other regular deliveries

  • Manage the scheduling of construction materials to their site

  • Manage the scheduling of fit out contractors, and their deliveries of fit out materials

  • Integrate with building management systems, and access control technologies such as boom gates, traffic signs, license plate recognition

  • Broadcast notifications to drivers and carriers of any emerging issues at the docks such as the need to close the docks for emergencies

  • Connect with their communities of tenants, suppliers, carriers and drivers .

Find out how MobileDOCK can help your development during the planning process and beyond.

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