Design Institute Unveils Game Changing Software Platform


The Institute of Digital Design Australia (IDDA) may have the game-changing next step for planning and development.

Earlier this week at their 'Digital Design 2020' event, the IDDA revealed 'ArchiStar', an intelligence platform for building design. ArchiStar is a new concept product which allows you to receive detailed and real-time analysis on the design of a floor plan.

"The platform represents building design intelligence that has never been available before," IDDA's Robert Coorey said.

"Architects would traditionally have to work things out themselves or pay big money, on a project-to-project basis, for parametric designers to work out the analytics.

"Instead, any project you have, you just simply upload it into the platform and it gives you real-time analytics with no coding required," he said.


ArchiStar's 'Room Configuration Analysis' of two identical apartments, comparing highlighting the amount of rooms each space is connected to and which rooms are most connected.

ArchiStar primarily comprises of the following features:
Building intelligence

  • Real-time design intelligence on every single apartment in a building.

  • Analysis on hundreds, or even thousands of apartments, in real time.

Design comparison

  • Compares multiple floor plans directly against your portfolio, or the whole ArchiStar database.

  • Allows project managers to see which designs have superior sunlight, daylight, ventilation etc.

Data cube

  • Full API access to the ArchiStar platform to generate design intelligence at scale for the benefit of property data companies, real estate websites, banks, government and organisations with big data requirements.

Automated reporting

  • Automatic compliance reporting.

  • Analytics align with the Apartment Design Guide and Sepp 65 to ensure your project aligns with the current industry standards.

  • Generates NatHERS and BASIX reports and certificates that can be directly submitted with Development Applications.

Design intelligence

  • Provides detailed analytics on an individual floor plan, and can answer questions regarding the availability of sunlight in rooms, natural ventilations and bedroom privacy

"The most popular of features revealed at our event was the design intelligence," Mr Coorey said.

"People are interested in knowing things like how much sunlight each room gets during the day, and which rooms get the most fresh air."


Mr Coorey also said these features allow ArchiStar to assist in the valuation of property. The program's benefits can assist valuers, who traditionally determine a property's value by what they see on the surface. ArchiStar's analytics allow valuers to take new elements into account, like sunlight, ventilation and privacy in order to determine property value through a more detailed perspective.

"It's going to give enhanced data and help valuers, buyers, designers and builders make better decisions," Mr Coorey said.

Mr Coorey also reflected on how the program’s real-time intelligence features were able to take two identical apartments, and use its features of comparison and analysis to help demonstrate why one apartment was valued at $930,000 and the other for $870,000.
'Digital Design 2020' was an exclusive event to gather Australian architects, building designers, developers, engineers, project managers, IT, Government, Education and Commercial Executives. Sponsored by Dropbox, Autodesk, Microsoft and IDDA, the event explored the future of Digital Design and where it will be in the year 2020.

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