COINS Delivers Georgiou Group Project Management Success


National civil building and construction company Georgiou Group has credited an innovative approach to software systems to its project management success.

The nation-wide business introduced a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system three years ago—and it has transformed the company’s project management processes.

Georgiou project controls manager Craig Dovey said the software from Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) had revolutionised the day-to-day business, both on site and in the office.

“When choosing software solutions, we weren’t looking for what worked best for the accountants, but what would be best for projects, and the construction people on site,” Dovey said.

“Before COINS, we had multiple software programs for procurement, payroll, invoicing, forecasting and asset management.

“It just made sense to have everything in one system like COINS, it made such a huge difference to the day-to-day business.

“With COINS being very construction specific, and having such a modern user interface, it was the obvious choice for us.”

▲ COINS has totally changed monthly project reviews because the accuracy of numbers is known says Georgiou project controls manager Craig Dovey.Photo supplied by Georgiou Group.

Dovey said Georgiou was using COINS on a daily basis in many areas of the business to streamline project management and access reliable data in real-time.

“COINS is helping our teams on site to see how the whole project is tracking and what their daily costs are,” Dovey said.

“They’re in control of their own destiny, so to speak, and the data is all there at their fingertips.

“COINS has also totally changed our monthly project reviews because we know the numbers are accurate.

“We’re able to just dive into areas that need our attention, and not spend time wondering if the data is correct,” he said.

Senior managers at the group are relying on the data from COINS to monitor performance and cash flows, and feed into business-wide forecasting.

“It’s really important for analysing what we’ve done each month, compared to what has been forecasted.

“We know if we go for big projects, COINS is going to handle it,” Dovey said.

COINS works with contractors, service managers and developers to simplify day-to-day business challenges, helping save money and time on projects so scarce dollars are well spent.

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Main image supplied by Georgiou Group

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