The Smart Future of Australian Homes


Being connected in the home is now about more than just an internet connection, instead the rise of "smart homes" is seeing buyers begin to actively look for developments that allow them to control their entire home from their devices.

Australia’s population is predicted to double by 2075 (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics) and Telsyte’s 2018 IoT@Home Market Study shows that the average home is set to climb from having 17.1 connected devices to 37 by 2022 – prompting developers to make swift and necessary infrastructure upgrades that allow residents to seamlessly connect.

Australia’s population is rising alongside this unprecedented growth in technology, prompting more Australian home-buyers to seek out homes that feature intelligent technology that works to automate their everyday activities – also known as "smart homes".

The trend of the smart home in Australia is on the rise and like other technology areas before it, the Internet of Things (IoT) has reached a point in the market where the price has come down and what was once considered a luxury is now a basic expectation for home buyers.

As connected devices continue to become more affordable and accessible, access to fast broadband is becoming just as desirable in a development as ample storage space or a designer kitchen.

Soon, entire homes will be driven by the IoT, where everyday activities like turning on lights, adjusting internal temperatures and playing music will be completely device-driven in a move that will unlock the full potential of the home.

Kitchens in particular are predicted to be operated through technology and linked to smart phones that can monitor cooking times and adjust temperatures remotely.

Smart security is another budding industry with smart alarms and surveillance systems becoming more accessible, more convenient and easier to control – leading to an increased feeling of security and safety within the home.

The trend toward home connectivity is also compounded by the rise in popularity of internet connected devices such as Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo in Australian homes – a trend that residential developers can no longer ignore.

Telsyte’s 2017 IoT@Home Market Study shows that the average home is set to climb from having 13.7 connected devices to 30.7 by 2021
Telsyte’s 2017 IoT@Home Market Study shows that the average home is set to climb from having 13.7 connected devices to 30.7 by 2021

By incorporating the nbn™ broadband access network into new developments, developers can help new home buyers connect their devices while unlocking and harnessing the "smart" potential of their new home.

For small and large scale developments alike, delivering an nbn™ ready project helps sell future-proofed and market ready homes that offer residents a lifestyle that is fuelled by the benefits of access to fast broadband.

More than just creating connected homes, by incorporating the nbn™ broadband access into new developments, residential developers are adding an excellent selling point to their project to further attract purchasers in a market where connectivity is king.

An nbn™ ready development gives home buyers the freedom to choose an nbn™ powered plan from a phone and internet provider of their choice – and allows residents to choose an option that works for them and their desired "smart" systems.

This customisable approach to connectivity works as another great marketing tool for developers, where they can attract buyers who may need to upgrade or downgrade their plans as their lifestyle changes.

Being nbn™ ready means helping to future-proof developments against the issue of integrating future technologies across multiple platforms while creating a connected community where people are able to thrive.

Futuristic technology will play an increasingly important role in Australian homes and inevitably affect the value of future properties. All of these modern luxuries and necessities ultimately offer one opportunity: to personalise our homes and unlock living potential.

From temperature to sound, to lifestyle amenities, smart homes offer future Australians the unique ability to curate their own lives.

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