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There’s some truth in the saying, “a developer is only as good as their most recent project”.

And when a project is handed over to an Owners Corporation on completion, a developer’s hard work can easily be undone by a committee unwilling to spend money on maintenance, or an inexperienced manager who doesn’t provide good advice or fails to keep records in order.

Purchasers of an apartment or townhouse have likely been sold a lifestyle of low maintenance and convenience—a dream the developer has worked hard to bring to life, from choosing the location and design of the property through to including state of the art facilities and the finishes within the apartments.

But once the work is done and the apartments have settled, the last thing a developer needs is to have their reputation damaged by disappointed owners because the dream has not lived up to the reality.

This is where appointing a professional, reputable and reliable Owners Corporation Manager (OCM) comes in.

Why it pays to enlist an Owners Corporation Manager early

▲ Evans educating potential purchasers on the value of community. Image: Eugene Canty
▲ Evans educating potential purchasers on the value of community. Image: Eugene Canty

Enlisting the services of an owners corporation manager early in the process is a priority that’s often overlooked due to the perception that their services are only useful once the development is complete.

A reputable manager can provide valuable insight and guidance as early as the design stage, by drawing on their experience to share how common areas will be used, and how to avoid mistakes that may result in frustration or conflict for owners down the track.

Owners corporation managers also often have their finger on the pulse when it comes to innovation and technology.

“If you are seeking an edge for your project; something that will help it sell and ensure that residents are satisfied with their purchase, an OCM might just be the best person to turn to for advice,” says Gregor Evans, managing director of Owners Corporation management company The Knight.

Having daily interactions with hundreds of owners, building managers and contractors during the past 25 years, The Knight has a wealth of knowledge on the pain points for apartment owners and the features that can transform a project from infrastructure into a community.

Why is community so important?

Appointing the right OCM as the champion of the community at your project will ensure the dream you’re selling to purchasers is realised.

From giving owners a sense of belonging and companionship, to reducing tenant turnover and increasing security, the benefits of a strong community are far-reaching.

“When the vision for a project is low maintenance, lock-and-leave convenience, it is the community that will make this possible,” Evans says—and in The Knight’s experience, when residents take pride in their building, its upkeep and maintenance costs shift from burden to necessity.

It’s the community that grows within your completed project that will become your best endorsement—and it’s the OCM you appoint who will help to foster this community from day one.

So how does this all enhance your reputation?

▲ Each year, The Knight provides grants to OCs looking to build their community.
▲ Each year, The Knight provides grants to OCs looking to build their community.

As we’ve already mentioned, a developer’s hard work and vision can be undone when a property isn’t maintained effectively.

When a property falls into an avoidable state of disrepair it can reflect badly on the developer, when in fact the Owners Corporation is ultimately responsible.

Any good owners corporation manager should ensure the Owners Corporation is educated about what is required of them, and that all funds needed for the upkeep of the property are raised and appropriately managed.

But a premium owners corporation manager such as The Knight also helps reduce conflict among owners through good communication channels, facilitating a better community.

Ultimately, this results in residents at your project being happy in their homes, and a building that continues to look and operate just as you envisioned, long after completion.

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