Smart Building Technology Delivers Power Efficiency


Those involved in commercial real estate understand the value of good planning—after all, it is often months, even years, before a project really comes to shape.

In those early days, the energy requirements of a commercial building need to be properly explored, with attention given to future-ready technologies, and ongoing energy efficiency and sustainability.

It is increasingly recognised that the performance of a company’s buildings has a direct relationship with the overall operational performance.

To meet the business’ efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability goals of today and tomorrow, digitisation via smart field devices and software is a necessity.

Advantages of smart building technologies

To enable the measuring and collection of power data, connected energy meters and sensors such as PowerLogic ION9000 and PowerTag are essential.

PowerLogic ION9000 meters are an award-winning range that enables you to capture reliable energy data required to make critical financial and operational decisions.

With advanced metering options ranging from revenue metering to power event analysis, Powerlogic meters not only offer peace of mind, but provides versatility to help you adapt to the ever-changing regulation and power landscape.

▲ Incorporating power monitoring software into existing building management systems makes converting energy information into insights is easy.
▲ Incorporating power monitoring software into existing building management systems makes converting energy information into insights is easy.

Coupled with wireless energy sensors such as PowerTag, energy can then be monitored and measured in real time, with alerts of any electrical anomaly.

Data collected from these IoT-enabled devices can then be leveraged into actionable insights for better-informed decisions, increased responsiveness from facility teams, and more effective automated actions.

By incorporating software offers such as EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert (PME) into existing building management systems (BMS), converting energy information into actions that shed insight into electrical system health and energy efficiency is made simple.

As a result, it enables you to address a range of operational goals, such as the ability to:

  • Manage energy more effectively to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and comply with new standards

  • Use predictive maintenance to reduce costs and get more from your equipment.

  • Adapt the workplace to changing needs, based on real usage

  • Use mobile access to perform building operations remotely, while improving efficiency and collaboration

  • Increase resilience by getting early warning of more risks to power distribution and HVAC, diagnosing and resolving power issues faster.

Once these remote technologies and systems are implemented, the data and functionality of these operations are available in the cloud.

This opens the door for off-site, flexible advisory services, such as EcoStruxure Power Advisor, where you can leverage experts to monitor the health of your electrical network and identify issues and opportunity for power optimisation.

▲ The advantages smart technology in power management systems brings is applicable across a gamut of applications.
▲ The advantages smart technology in power management systems brings is applicable across a gamut of applications.

Services combine cloud-based analytic tools with teams of experts that are experienced in both power and building management. This can help you take advantage of expert advice, with flexible services that can match your needs and evolve with you.

For example, an advisory team can help with preventative maintenance by co-ordinating schedules and contractors for equipment servicing, or go beyond by using advanced analytics to support predictive condition-based maintenance that helps save costs and predicts failures to prevent downtime. 24-7 remote monitoring helps identify risks and finds opportunities to further reduce costs.

Detailed audits and reporting will include all relevant key performance indicators that help flag and isolate equipment degradation, and support consultation on improvements and upgrades.

Finding the right solution

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Power offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help you achieve your energy and sustainability goals.

Delivering cyber secure, IoT enabled, sustainable solutions, Schneider Electric can facilitate your energy needs in the commercial real estate space, from a single building to an entire real estate portfolio.

The Urban Developer is proud to partner with Schneider Electric to deliver this article to you. In doing so, we can continue to publish our daily news, information, insights and opinion to you, our valued readers.

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