Attract Buyers, Tenants and Investors to Your Property


There are two types of properties, those that attract and those that don’t.

If you’re a buyer, tenant or investor, the choice is obvious as to which you’d prefer, but not everybody understands which properties attract and, more so, why.

Smart urban properties do just that, says, which delivers sustainable, transparent and affordable embedded essential service networks in Australia.

Such properties have the power of attraction as sustainable urbanisation in Australia accelerates and vertical living, working and learning demands continue to rise among buyers and tenants which is vital for astute investors to recognise for improved yields and returns on their capital.

Overwhelmingly, the properties that outperform against all other properties for buyers, tenants and investors are smart urban properties.

Capital cities in Australia are becoming more compact, densely populated places to live, work and learn, and this trend looks set to continue.

Property developers such as Gurner, Beulah and KTQ Developments recognise that by engaging progressive service providers at the concept and design stage they can leverage greater sustainability and smarter proptech solutions, increasing attraction and brand distinction in a highly competitive market.

This can often be without capital investment, risk and bankable options.

▲ Gurner’s Saint Moritz, 14 -16 The Esplanade, St Kilda, Melbourne.
▲ Gurner’s Saint Moritz, 14 -16 The Esplanade, St Kilda, Melbourne.

Design director at Gurner Alex Fin said their lifestyle developments encapsulated multiple aspects of smart, sustainable living into one precinct.

“It is not just about sourcing the highest calibre finishes and having the best products, its about future proofing, planning and executing a development that addresses today’s demand for smart, attractive, sustainable, fully serviced residences,” he said.

“Our buyers are sustainably conscious and rightfully so—we are always striving to deliver the best in sustainable solutions to ensure we can deliver on these buyers’ needs.”

With constrained population growth for the foreseeable future, buyers and tenants have far more choices than ever.

It has never been more apparent that the early engagement of progressive partners in the concept and design stage increases attraction and helps build stronger brands.

In Australia, there is no net overseas migration for two years.

For the first time since World War I, population went backwards as a result of international border closures and net migration movements that have left most states with population

losses, notably Victoria and New South Wales, and only a few with population gains, notably Queensland.

Occupancy for office buildings has reduced, residential building approvals have lost momentum and retail building approvals have turned down, while demand for industrial property continues to increase.

With so much for property investors and developers to contemplate, it is clear that smart urban properties are attracting greater yields and returns due to the experiential benefits for buyers and tenants that hallmark affordability, aesthetics, contemporary amenities and comprehensive essential services.

Essential services providers such as have literally transformed the essential services category for developments by delivering transparent, least-cost electricity, natural gas, water and telecommunications services through its aggregated Core 4 essential services proposition. reduces energy demand through energy conservation and supplies the net demand affordably and ecologically to reduce costs and emissions.

▲ brings all a property's essential services together for ease of management
▲ brings all a property's essential services together for ease of management

With government ecological mandates and renewable energy targets escalating in importance to buyers, tenants and investors, delivers improved environmentally sustainable designs, net zero carbon and its electrification and offset pathways without the price premium to reduce costs and emissions in smart urban properties.

“Early contract involvement in smart urban property design and development has been the notable difference for property developers, owners and investors in increasing property attractiveness, yields, returns and benefits with us”, chairman James Dunstan said.

New expectations, new benchmark

The days of operating under the assumption of ‘build it and they will come’ are long gone which is why partners with smart building and proptech entrepreneur Michael Lee, the chief executive of WE Wumbo, to enable smart building and communities lifestyle management platforms for operational efficiencies and enriched building communities and locale experiences.

“WE Wumbo has reimagined the built environment that transforms building management and communities lifestyle for better buildings and quality of life”, Lee said.

If you’re looking to attract buyers, tenants and investors to your property, can help you.

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