Australian Prop-Tech Platform Powers Up Showroom Solution


Launched by AD Group in 2016, Development ID has quietly grown into a market-leading software solution powering some of Australia’s most prominent developers.

Since its inception, the dedicated off-the-plan prop-tech platform has facilitated the transaction of more than $8 billion in property sales.

Success for the business looks set to continue with its development presentation software Showcase 2.0 already receiving positive feedback from early-access users.

CBRE Residential managing director David Milton said Showcase 2.0 was an important asset for his sales team.

“We have employed Showcase with a number of our clients very successfully. The live stock list function is ideal for our business as we have multiple agents working across the same projects,” Milton said. 

“For a client like Deicorp, that we work with across four projects with many cross-sale opportunities, this system allows us to quickly and accurately attend to prospective buyers.”

▲ Development ID’s Manage software at the Tallawong Village display suite. Source: AD Group.

Founded by Jordan Catalano and Tom Hywood in 2014, AD Group has gone from strength to strength by listening to the market and offering proven high-quality leads and sales solutions.

Their first property portal, Apartments&Developments, was formed at a time when there was no dedicated platform for off-the-plan property listings. 

As a result of its niche offering and business focus, Apartments&Developments has built an active and engaged audience who are specifically interested in buying new apartments and townhouses. 

Hywood said, “After we launched Apartments&Developments we noticed pretty quickly that the stock-management systems being used by our customers were generally very manual, and often put developers and project marketers at risk of sharing sensitive or outdated information.

“This is where Development ID came in. We wanted to provide our customers with a single source of truth for their stock management and project administration.”

▲ Colliers’ Melbourne Showroom with Development ID Connect and Showcase technology. Source: AD Group.

As one of the earliest adopters of the platform, Colliers has now fully integrated Development ID into their business for stock management and project administration.

Colliers Residential Victoria managing director Tim Storey said Development ID had been transformative for the business.

“In addition to providing a platform for end-to-end management for all the projects we are working on, the system also allows us to communicate, share information and transact with channel agents.

“We can then present the projects we are working on, through Showcase, in the best light possible.

“Development ID has improved our internal efficiencies, helping to elevate our service to our clients and key stakeholders.”

With Development ID’s stock-allocation function amassing thousands of monthly logins from channel agents, creating a marketplace was the next logical step.

Hywood said, “Development ID’s marketplace gives channel agents the ability to see existing projects and then request to sell the apartment or townhouse stock within”.

▲ Development ID’s Showcase software at Colliers’ Victoria & Albert display suite. Source: AD Group.

Showcase has been an evolving technological solution that has been offered by Development ID since 2019.

The latest version, Showcase 2.0, includes a suite of market-leading showroom capabilities. 

From LED walls to immersion rooms or even the ability to present anywhere in the world remotely to buyers, AD Group’s Showcase software is a real game-changer.

Just choose a level or zoom in on a particular floor plan to explore the different features, finishes and amenities available to buyers. 

Along with providing software solutions, AD Group’s team designs, procures, and installs the hardware aligned with the client’s creative vision for the display suite. 

In Queensland, Colliers Residential director Lily O’Connell has been using the Showcase software across several of her project campaigns since its launch in 2019.

“Showcase is sophisticated, yet easy to use and the Development ID team also offer great support,” O’Connell said.

With Showcase 2.0, AD Group has encapsulated the needs of the off-the-plan industry with its full suite of solutions and impressive capabilities.

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