HVG Façades Delivers Cladding Solution for Today


Developed from marine-grade aluminium, MondoClad is HVG Façade’s premium solid aluminium pre-finished panel solution.

Offering exceptional quality and fire performance, these solid aluminium panels provide a definitive, non-combustible cladding solution with compliance and safety in mind.

MondoClad is a 100 per cent adhesive-free, 3mm solid aluminium panel that is coil coated with a PPG Duranar PVDF paint finish.

The superior PPG Duranar PVDF architectural paint finish ensures UV stability, colour retention and a product that will stand the test of time.

Non-combustible pre-finished metal sheet as referenced in the NCC2019 C1.9 (e)(v), MondoClad is the ideal non-combustible, adhesive free choice for all types of recladding projects and new builds.

Solid aluminium panels are identified as one of the preferred materials under the NSW Project remediate and CPSP’s first report.

MondoClad has a 20-year warranty and has been tested to AS4284 (weatherproofing).

These solid aluminium panels have been tested as a solid sheet, (not separate components) to AS1530.1 and is non- combustible with no concessions, not ‘deemed’ to be.

▲ HVG Facade’s MondoClad product brings is the single solution for cladding and recladding projects.

MondoClad is CodeMark certified and has been tested to AS1530.3, achieving zero for ignitability and spread of flame.

HGV Façades says it is the safe choice when it comes to your recladding or construction projects.

MondoClad is available in five capital cities in Australia for efficient service and delivery.

HVG Façades’ warehouses across Australia stock a variety of colours and finishes to fulfil clients’ needs.

Our solid aluminium panels provide architects, designers, developers, builders, and contractors a premium solid aluminium façade panel, that is non-combustible and can be safely specified for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising design,” a spokesperson said.”

“Utilising a highly corrosive resistant marine grade alloy, MondoClad is ideal for installation in the harsh Australian environment.

“Together with its non-combustibility, low maintenance and an ability to be folded into cassettes, MondoClad makes it a perfect aluminium pre-finished panel solution for new builds or recladding projects.

“MondoClad delivers high-level sustainability and is 100 per cent recyclable.”

Stocked locally in several colours and sizes, MondoClad also offers custom colours and sizes upon request.

EnviroSmart—targeting a zero-carbon footprint

HVG Facades is proud to be a leading supplier of recladding materials to the Australian construction industry.

In response to the mandated removal of all non-compliant polyethylene (PE) cladding, it is estimated that the amount of waste generated by the removal of this cladding will exceed 20,000 tonnes.

HVG Facades is committed to reducing the impact this waste will have on our environment and as a result we have partnered with approved recycling experts to develop EnviroSmart.

▲ HGV Facades’ EnviroSmart program aims to alleviate the waste associated with recladding.

EnviroSmart is a program that seeks to address a significant need in the construction industry, in a sustainable manner that contributes to the future health of our planet.

This program is an end-to-end solution that provides a cost effective and safe way to remove and recycle aluminium composite panels.

As a completely transparent solution, EnviroSmart can provide certified documentation of the entire process.

“Now, in addition to recycling and reusing non-compliant aluminium cladding, we’ve gone one significant step further and teamed up with Carbon Positive Australia to plant trees and help restore the Australian landscape,” a spokesperson said.

“For every qualified project, where non-compliant cladding is removed and recycled using the EnviroSmart program, HVG Facades will donate and plant trees on your behalf with Carbon Positive Australia.”


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