The Benefits of Creating A Parcel Friendly Project


Parcel friendly commercial and residential projects are materialising across major cities in Australia with the adoption of parcel lockers and on-premises parcel management systems.

Property developers are now starting to understand the urgent need to make developments “parcel friendly” for residents as rapidly rising parcel delivery volumes push companies such as Australia Post to make large investments in postal infrastructure.

Parcel management systems are a combination of smart parcel lockers, usually located on the ground floor of each building, and a managed software service.

Like parcel lockers, parcel management systems utilise IoT technology to control access to lockers and automatically notify recipients of their deliveries.

▲ GroundfloorTM lockers feature an in-built touchscreen for both delivery and collection.

Unlike parcel lockers, parcel management systems are run via a managed service to ensure optimisation and that there are no additional hardware maintenance costs.

The software is regularly updated to remain relevant and ensures building staff and occupants need not worry again about parcel management and delivery.

There are a number of ways developments save on costs when utilising a smart parcel locker or an on-premises parcel management system.

Lower building and lift maintenance costs

With an on-premises smart parcel locker solution everyone delivers to one location in the building with no need to chase lifts, climb stairs, and deliver packages floor by floor.

To understand the impact travelling floor by floor to deliver has on buildings and lifts, Groundfloor™parcel management systems collected data on the number of courier visits to high-density residential and commercial properties.

Groundfloor found on-premises smart parcel locker solutions redirect the flow of thousands, to tens of thousands, of courier visits.

For example, a 30-storey A-Grade commercial tower would eliminate more than 15,600 courier visits through their lifts and lobbies per year.

By eliminating tens of thousands of courier visits it reduces building maintenance and lift maintenance costs, minimises building wear and tear and lowers cleaning costs.

Lower staff labour costs and liability issues

Efficiencies in dealing with deliveries has an enormous impact on labour, whether concierge, mailroom, or operations staff. Parcels go straight into lockers and remove the need for staff involvement.

Tenants then benefit from the reduced labour costs or enhanced productivity as staff are freed to put those time-savings into higher-value tasks.

▲ Traditional parcel delivery is riddled with inefficiencies.

Tenants want tech solutions

Developers will attract high-value buyers by providing a valuable point of differentiation as well as improving the aesthetics and prestige of their developments.

Keeping all personnel delivering to the one location greatly improves building aesthetics, traffic flow and ensures buildings maintain a sense of luxury.

If systems are made accessible directly from parking or a dock lift, delivery traffic is removed from lobbies and main foyers entirely.

Retain tenants long-term

With retaining tenants and long-term renters currently an issue across most sectors, the focus is heavily on acquiring innovative and desirable amenities.

Parcel management systems have become a desirable amenity for the simple fact they eliminate Sorry We Missed You cards!

Good parcel management systems continually innovate to keep pace with changing market needs, expectations, and growth.

Parcel management systems become a valuable amenity for tenants and occupants to enjoy and take advantage of because of the range of features and services they can offer.

These systems provide more than a practical solution to a very annoying and persistent problem; they can be utilised in a number of ways with a focus on enhancing occupant experience and wellbeing.

Groundfloor customers have discovered various ways this amenity can be used to enhance occupant experience and wellbeing, including invitations, welcome back packs and competitions.

Satisfy modern occupant expectations

Modern expectations of a frictionless and time-efficient lifestyle mean practical amenities hold the highest value in occupants’ eyes.

These occupants are travelling the world and interacting with parcel locker technologies elsewhere, such as Germany, USA, UK, and China.

Businesses are also challenged to implement solutions which satisfy the expectations of an ever younger workforce.

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018, millennials prioritise innovation, positive workplace culture, and maintaining a work/life balance.

Millennials are quickly influencing modern amenities in residential sectors as well; they are now the majority occupant of student residences and our future apartment dwellers and home-owners.


Parcel friendly property developments contribute to the sustainability of our built environment, our cities and the planet. Ensuring successful delivery directly to a building on the first attempt drives efficiency throughout the delivery network.

Delivery efficiency reduces the number of unnecessary redeliveries and car trips by eliminating the need for couriers to redeliver and recipients to chase missed parcels.

Couriers also deliver much faster. Faster throughput of couriers means clearer footpaths and less parking bays needed.

The minimisation of footpath, parking and road congestion as well as the reduction in emissions will have an enormous impact with large scale delivery efficiency adopted across the built environment.

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