Little Details Make Big Difference in Brand Messaging


You’ve probably heard the saying that “the devil is in the detail”.

That’s especially true when it comes to selecting furniture for your business. From couches and chairs to desks and tables, your choice in furniture can make or break how customers perceive your brand.

The importance of quality furniture with a high-end look and feel can’t be understated. It will help create a space where people feel comfortable doing business with you while also demonstrating that you take pride in your company’s image.

Your brand is the promise you make to your customer. It’s what they come to expect from working with you, and it can be defined by colour, style, at times language and, of course, even furniture.

Your brand should be unique and memorable; it needs to be consistent across all platforms so that consumers recognise it easily. And lastly, your branding needs to be relevant to your target market.

Brand personality is the emotional connection between your brand and its audience. It's what makes you you, and it should be consistent across all of your marketing materials. Your brand’s personality will set you apart from competitors and define how people perceive you.

Recognising the right fit

The right fit is one that your customers will recognise, understand and appreciate. It should be a reflection of your brand identity and the type of person you want to attract.

But this does not mean it has to be expensive. The key is finding quality furniture at the best price possible, while staying to your brand, brand identity and values.

Avoid furniture that is too trendy or “off brand”. You don’t want to choose pieces that won’t be in style next year or that do not align with your brand’s personality.

Consider using different furniture options for different spaces to create a more personable perception, rather than having one single standard look throughout.

▲ All furniture was selected in conjunction with and provided by Bowermans Commercial Furniture.
Photographer: Gabriel Pace

The Lexus approach

Lexus’ luxury brand is well recognised and established all over the globe, known for sleekness, simplicity and outstanding quality.

These values are present throughout all aspects of the brand—from how it presents itself, to its cars, its service and the brand experience that it aims to generate for its customers.

Their vision is to build vehicles that anticipate your needs, electrify your senses and turns your journeys into everlasting memories.

From their corporate offices to their dealerships, they follow the Omotenashi business philosophy—a Japanese spirit of hospitality, where the goal is to make customers feel completely welcomed, paying attention to the most meticulous details throughout the entire experience provided.

Needless to say, this approach was certainly present in their furniture selection process, when fitting out their Waterloo showroom in Sydney. From the start, their intention was to create a space that was welcoming and inviting, comfortable enough for visitors to feel at ease; unrushed, like they don’t have to leave.

Purchasing a new car, especially a luxury car like a Lexus, is a big decision, and so the idea was to curate an experience where customers are encouraged to take their time while in the dealership.

This meant furniture that is comfortable, but that at the same time stayed in line with Lexus’ sleek look and feel. All pieces were handpicked to match all aesthetical elements of the showroom; colours, lighting, layout; always keeping the customer experience at top-of-mind.

▲ The choice of furniture ensure the Lexus brand and image remains consistent.
Photographer: Gabriel Pace

Understand the effects

Whether you’re a designer or an office manager or not, it’s important to understand how your furniture can affect the image of your brand.

There are many different types of brands and styles out there, so don’t feel like one option must fit all. Consider what type of message you want your customers to get from their experience with your business before making any decisions about what kind of furniture works best for them.

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