Façade Offers Form, Function and Fire-Safe Performance


To become a compliant, safe and fit-for-purpose aluminium cladding product, any panel has to pass numerous tests and satisfy criteria mandated by state and national building regulations.

With these requirements independently set and enforced by government, the onus is on cladding manufacturers to make products that meet key test requirements.

Acclaimed as the country’s best-performing aluminium cladding panel, Vitracore G2 has never been involved in the ignition, fuelling or spreading of any façade fire incident anywhere.

That’s because its profiled aluminium-core has zero polyethylene content: It is simply made from three layers of aluminium, which doesn’t spread flame.

While the national testing criteria for compliant cladding allows for up to 2mm of adhesive (glue-like) content—present in many fire-retardant panels—Vitracore G2 contains less than 0.2mm, making it well within code-prescribed safety parameters, and at a thickness comparable to common coatings.

On top of this, leading façade provider Fairview has invested more than $1 million in ensuring this product is “100 per cent test proof”, with test-based evidence backing this claim.

Vitracore G2 passes both essential tests stipulated by Section C, Volume 1 of the National Construction Code, being NCC2019A1: 1530.1 and 1530.3.

Tested to AS1530.1 by CSIRO using a small-scale test that specifically measures combustion of its layers, Vitracore G2 is deemed non-combustible, meaning, quite simply, that its layers don’t catch fire!

On a larger assessment, AS1530.3 specified by code—which tests a cladding panel in its entirety—independent, verified CSIRO tests showed G2 produced the lowest result possible for ignitability, heat evolved and spread of flame.

Under large-scale test conditions, G2 also performs under the official and independent “built-wall” test situation, involving a heat crib which burns under a G2-clad facade for more than thirty minutes at peaks of over 1000 degrees.

Vitracore G2 also successfully satisfied the requirements of BS8414 and BRE 135, which are the globally-recognised standards for large-scale, cladding facade tests.

Furthermore, G2 has also been tested to Australia’s first large-scale fire performance test to be referenced in the building code, with high-performance results at Warringtonfire’s certification facility.

All flame spread and temperature requirements were met and produced significantly less debris measured than many other aluminium options including solid aluminium or “NC” variants.

Having satisfied all the tests noted prior, G2 is totally unique in the cladding panel market: its compliance with so many test methods and criteria means there are multiple routes to render it compliant within any given facade system.

Whether you’re building or re-cladding, you’ll find G2 provides the ultimate in form, function and fire-safe performance—an absolute must from the compliance and insurance perspectives.

Vitracore G2’s tried-and-tested performance is a big positive for building, infrastructure and public safety—and also performed heroically as a fire-resistant, fire-break solution in a top-secret, super-scale, mega-wall fire test conducted in 2018 by an independent testing agency, a top-tier university, a well-known city council and one of Australia’ s pre-eminent fire engineering boffins.

With Australia's government bodies setting and enforcing building codes on all key materials and processes used in construction in order to safeguard our entire community, trusted companies such as Fairview ensure their products comply with these requirements and are tested to adhere to the codes applying at any time.

Vitracore G2 aluminium cladding goes over and above the most demanding and stringent levels of testing stipulated, and remains among the safest and most well-certified, compliant cladding products available, with its test performance and compliance certification even exceeeding many demonstrated by solid aluminium cladding products.

Vitracore G2 remains the first and original aluminium layer cladding panel available in Australia that’ s been correctly tested as having satisfied virtually all requirements of AS 1530.1 and AS 1503.3 , plus, large-scale façade testing to BS8414 and BRE 135 and AS5113 (excluding the debris requirements).

When it comes to cladding, your choice should be as bullet-proof as possible: code-proof; compliance-proof; facade-proof, fire-test-proof, flameproof, future-proof, hail-proof, insurance-proof, rainproof, regulation-proof, rustproof, standards-proof and waterproof.

Vitracore G2 meets or exceeds the performance criteria set out within the governing codes, and this is the best kind of evidence.

If you still need convincing, we’re happy to meet online or face-to-face and prove our points.

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