Boral Brings Lower Carbon Concrete Options to Market


Boral is committed to a lower carbon future and has launched a new portfolio of Lower Carbon Concrete.

The range has product options suitable for all market segments depending on the engineering and performance requirements.

Envirocrete®, Envirocrete® Plus and ENVISIA® cover most concrete applications from residential footpaths to high-rise commercial towers.

Most of the embodied carbon in concrete is from the Portland cement.

To reduce the embodied carbon, some of the Portland cement is replaced with supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash and granulated slag.

Traditionally this produces concrete with poor early-age strength and high drying shrinkage.

The low early-age strength may increase the construction time and the higher drying shrinkage will limit options for engineers and architects.

As a result, lower carbon concrete has been overlooked on projects with a tight schedule or when the specification has limits on concrete shrinkage.

In response to the demand for a lower carbon concrete with good early-age strength and low drying shrinkage, Boral developed a new proprietary concrete technology called Zep® technology.

Zep® technology has been used in its Envirocrete plus® and ENVISIA® range to satisfy the needs of developers, builders, engineers and concreters.

▲ New technology has been used in Boral's low carbon concrete products to overcome previous issues.

ENVISIA® is a high performance, lowest carbon product with up to 60 per cent cement replacement.

It has a low Portland cement content and lower embodied carbon than standard concrete and will achieve good early-age and is suitable for all post tensioned applications.

ENVISIA® has 20 per cent greater flexural strength compared to conventional concrete of the same grade and achieves up to 50 per cent less in shrinkage when compared to conventional sustainable concrete mixes.

It also has excellent resistance to chloride ingress and is suitable in marine environments.

Envirocrete Plus® is good performance reduced carbon with 40 to 60 per cent cement replacement.

It achieves good early-age strength and is suitable for most post tensioned applications.

Envirocrete Plus® achieves up to 25 perc ent less shrinkage compared to conventional sustainable concrete mixes.

Envirocrete® has reduced carbon with 30 to 50 per cent cement replacement.

It can be used to meet sustainability requirements when high early age strength or low drying shrinkage is not required.

Boral said it had been able to develop a product range to meet the sustainability goals of our customers, meet their performance needs across many applications, all at good value.

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