Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view past billing history? 

Members can view past purchase history by clicking on the “View & Manage this payment” button in their payment confirmation email. Payment confirmation emails are sent from The Urban Developer Billing Support ( and have the subject line TUD+ Membership Email: Payment Received. When the new tab/window opens, navigate to “Billing History” where you can view your previous billing and transaction history as well as download invoices relating to these payments. For a video tutorial, click here. 

Can I change my billing information?

Your billing information can be changed by clicking on the “View & Manage this payment” button in your payment confirmation email. When the new tab/window opens, navigate to “Update Card” and enter your new billing information. Subsequent payments will be deducted from your updated card information. If you currently hold a free trial Executive membership or hold a Corporate Membership and wish to change your billing information, please contact us. For a video tutorial, please click here.

I want to update the invoice details

To update the personal details on your invoice, you can do this by clicking on the “View & Manage this payment” button in your payment confirmation email. When the new tab/window opens, navigate to “Invoice Details” and enter new information you wish to be displayed on your invoice. These changes can be applied retrospectively to invoices already issued and can be done in the same dashboard following the prompts accordingly. If you are a Corporate Account holder, please contact us directly. For a video tutorial, please click here

Can I get a refund if I cancel during a membership period?

No, if you choose to cancel your membership, you will receive access until the membership period expires. No refunds will be provided for memberships that are cancelled before their expiry period.

What are your billing terms?

For Executive Membership plans, payment is billed monthly. For Professional Membership plans, payment is made quarterly (every 3 months). Invoices are available for businesses wanting to set-up a corporate account (minimum number of users required).

How do I set up a password?

To set up a password for your account, please click here to confirm your email address and set up a password.

What’s the difference between the Executive and Professional Membership plans?

An Executive membership will entitle you to unlimited access to all content hosted on The Urban Developer website. This includes news, articles, exclusive content and more. A Professional Membership has all the inclusions of an Executive Membership plus unlimited access to all events*, webinars and courses.

*exclusions apply

I’m a paying subscriber but I keep getting blocked from viewing articles - why is this?

This could be for a number of reasons - firstly, please ensure that you are logged in to The Urban Developer from the device and browser you are using (default mobile browsers are sometimes different from the chosen device browser i.e on Apple Devices, Safari is the default browser).

Secondly, please ensure that your membership has not expired. We will attempt to deduct the Membership fee a total of three times over 3 days (1 per day). If we are unable to deduct on the third attempt, the Membership will lapse on the expiry date.

Finally, double check your security/system settings. If you’re using The Urban Developer website on your company network/computer, there may be certain restrictions in place and we encourage you to check with your IT Department for further assistance.

If you continue to experience problems, you can contact us for assistance. 

How can I cancel my membership?

Cancelling your membership is easy and can be done through your member dashboard on The Urban Developer website. Simply login, click your profile on the top right, click “Manage my Membership” and click Cancel. Your membership will be cancelled and will expire at the end of the membership period. Alternatively, you can request a cancellation by contacting us. 

Can I share my membership access with the team?

No, membership with The Urban Developer is on a per user basis and there are a number of security features to avoid the sharing of membership information. In addition, sharing your access with multiple users is in violation of our terms of use and your account may be suspended. If you would like to enquire about having a multi-user membership, please contact us here.

How do I get my business/team set up with a membership?

Getting a membership bundle for your team/business is easy - simply let us know how many users you’re looking to sign up and what membership subscription type and we’ll do the rest. Preferential rates are available for corporate partners. More information can be found in our Corporate Membership Brochure.

How much is a Corporate Membership?

Pricing is dependent on a number of factors including membership type, number of users etc. Corporate Memberships are eligible for a multi-user discount if purchasing more than 5 users. To obtain a quote, please submit an enquiry here.

How long is a Corporate Membership?

A Corporate Membership is 12 months in duration from the date of signing the agreement. Members are billed annually 12 months in advance by invoice.