How Developers Can Leverage a Display Suite to Sell a Lifestyle


Today’s property buyers are more discerning. Market tastes have evolved along with the growth of media influences such of home lifestyle television shows and interior styling inspiration on social media.

Industry players that better understand buyers' lifestyle aspirations and invest in the necessary platforms to appeal to a more demanding market tend to stand out.

When it comes to presenting a property and capturing the target market, nothing can replace experience.

A space where a person can touch textures, walk through rooms, and envision a future home is a space that can emotionally connect with potential buyers.

With this in mind, a properly planned and executed display home is one of the strongest selling tools a builder or developer can have.

It’s important to clearly understand what the target market wants and to bring that to life within a display space.

Developers often have multiple target buyers across a mix of demographics – the more successful players use their knowledge of the different groups and seize the opportunity and invest in multiple displays, each one styled and customised to create a different experience.

A beautifully styled and presented display home or suite physically paints the picture of the life a buyer aspires for.
A beautifully styled and presented display home or suite physically paints the picture of the life a buyer aspires for.

Create the experience buyers want with the right style that connects with the target buyer's budget, lifestyle and choice of location.

Showcasing the optimal use of space is fundamental to styling any display home. The placement of objects has a significant impact and influence on traffic flow and how a space will function.

The aim is not to fill a room with furniture but to work in conjunction with the layout and design of the interiors. When the architecture of a room and its furnishings work harmoniously it creates a positive experience and response from people.

One example would be arranging the furniture in a particular way to maximise the impact of an amazing view. In other cases, accessories and fixtures can be positioned to balance a section of a room.

Apart from helping highlighting key feature of a space, the use of space is an opportunity to create various interior arrangements to appeal to different buyers.

Apart from helping highlight key features of a space, showing different space configurations is an opportunity to appeal to different buyers.

A modern family will often visual themselves in a home where there is space for children to play, generous living areas, and a lot storage.

A young couple’s needs will be quite different. Furniture arrangements and spatial cues that lend themselves to a more active lifestyle and a rich social life with their friends will likely be more appealing.

Arrangement of elements within the space is equally important when appealing to different buyers. Showcasing the optimal use of space is fundamental to styling any display home.
A well-designed display goes above and beyond and weaves in the little details which can make a huge impact in creating a winning impression on someone doing a walk through.

It boils down to helping customers see how a space can be utilised. Show a potential customer where to place a table or lounge coupled with some styling techniques to boost the space and more often than not, it creates that light bulb moment.

In a slowing residential market, you have to stand out to buyers.

An empty space doesn’t appeal to most buyers. It is a missed opportunity to present the potential of a room and to create any emotional impact on your buyers.

Digital tools such as 3D walk through, videos, and before and after photos will help generate awareness and provide a glimpse into your offerings but these can’t replace the physical impact of a walk through.

At the end of the day, a product that creates a memorable customer experience and a positive emotional connection is what excites the customer and closes the deal quicker.

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