‘The WaterNest’: An Eco-Conscious, Floating, High-Tech Luxury Home

London-based company EcoFloLife specialises in the manufacture and sales of eco friendly floating residential structures and is pushing the boundary in design and hinging its future on water.

It views our future as being tied to water and our future homes increasingly water based.

The company says, “Water is life, it is part of our existence, we are born and grow in amniotic fluid, our body is made up of an average of 60% of water and 70% of our planet is covered by it. In the future our homes will increasingly be on water and will allow us to reclaim that primeval contact with nature, through a floating experience.”

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Its WaterNest 100 eco-friendly floating housing unit has been designed by renowned Italian architect Giancarlo Zema. Made entirely of recycled laminated timber and a recycled aluminium hull it is a more than 100sqm residential unit that can be towed easily to any water location especially river courses, lakes and bays with calm waters.


It also features advanced ventilation design and is classified as a low-consumption self-sufficient residential habitat with ample solar panels built into the unique curved roof design.

The WaterNest doesn’t skimp on technology perks though featuring an advanced central control system with a single keypad to control all the workings of the pebble-shaped home and state-of-the-art alarm security system. The system also monitors for gas and water leaks.

The 100 sqm pod can be yours from 800,000 euros, though you’ll be up for your own mooring and transport costs.





Photo credits: EcoFloLife

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