Microsoft Hololens The Future Of Building Design

At their Build 2015 developer conference, Microsoft have announced the Windows Holographic Platform, where they’re asking developers to turn Windows 10 apps into holograms.


Giving the crowd demonstrations, Microsoft displayed a voice controlled video app. Once giving the command ‘follow me’, the video app will follow you as you walk around the room. Speaking with VentureBeat, technical fellow at Microsoft Alex Kipman believes this technology could be integrated with almost any Microsoft app.

“Every single universal Windows app has these capabilities,” he said.

“Your apps can come to life.”

hologram building design

The future applications of this technology is vast, with its possible impact on building designs brought up during the conference.

Microsoft showed how Trimble is using Hololens to help its customers visualise building designs in the context of real world buildings and landscapes. It would give the user a view of design and architecture that’s never been seen before.

Hololens reality headset and wireless Windows 10 device allows the user to see virtual “holograms” in the 3D space around you. The headset contains a special ‘Holographic Processing Unit’ which leads to the idea that Microsoft wants to begin integrating with their own Windows operating system.

The company is already partnering with various companies such as Disney, Unity and Nasa that are also interested in using the HoloLens technology.

A look at some of the videos from the conference:


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