10 Hotels You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Have you ever wanted to sleep underwater, up in the sky, or in sub zero temperatures? Well for the quirky, adventurous traveller here are 10 of the world’s most unbelievable hotels.

With no limits set for these structures travellers are able to experience some strange and unusual sleeping arrangements.


The Mirror Cube – Treehotel

treehotel sweden

Location: Sweden

The Mirrorcube is camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings which gives the illusion that the cube is floating in the trees. The interior is made from plywood with a birch surface with each of the individual rooms having six windows.


ice hotel sweden

Location: Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The ICEHOTEL is the largest hotel made of snow and ice where even the beds are made of solid ice. What makes the hotel unique is that the entire hotel melts in the summer months, so each November it gets entirely rebuilt.

Faralda Crane Hotel

crane hotel the netherlands

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Faralda Crane Hotel is located at the top of a 50-metre high crane. There are only three suites available which each have unbelievable views over Amsterdam, with the hotel even including a suspended Spa pool.

Dog Bark Park Inn

150414 dog bark park inn_620x380

Location: Cottonwood, Idaho

The Dog Bark Park Inn B&B sleeps four guests at a time with each guest entering through the dog’s body into a loft bedroom at the very top. The B&B is 30 feet tall, 34 feet long and 14 feet wide, created by the owners who happen to be chainsaw artists.

Tianzi Hotel

Tianzi Hotel China

Location: Hebei Province, China

The 10-story hotel is located within the statues, entering the building through the figure on the left’s right foot. The building depicts Fu, Lu and Shou, Chinese gods symbolising good fortune and prosperity.

Hotel Costa Verde

hotel costa verde costa rica

Location: Costa Rica

Hotel Costa Verde bought the 1965 727 airplane and moved it into the Manuel Antonio National Park. The owners refurbished and transformed the retired plane into a hotel suite which sits on a 50-foot pedestal, where guests can enjoy jungle and ocean views.

Palacio de Sal

150414 salt hotel_620x380

Location: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

While it doesn’t look like it, the Palacio de Sal is entirely made from salt. Built of salt blocks hauled from the surrounding plains, all the walls and furniture are held together by a cement-like mixture of salt and water.

Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren

wine cask hotel the netherlands

Location: Stavoren, The Netherlands

The Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren features a number of 14,500-litre wine caskets remodelled into two-person rooms. Each room has all the normal amenities and guests can still smell the wine they once stored.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge 

Jules' Undersea Lodge florida

Location: Key Largo, Florida

Jules’ Undersea Lodge is located 9 metres deep on the ocean floor where guests have to scuba dive to get into their rooms. The lodge features a 2 bedroom retreat where guests have to be scuba certified to stay the night.

Hotel Marques de Riscal

hotel marques de riscal spain

Location: Rioja, Spain

Hotel Marques de Riscal  features 43 uniquely shaped rooms in two separate sections linked by a huge suspended footbridge. The hotel facade is made up of titanium ‘ribbons’ that are not only for aesthetic purposes but also act as sustainable sunshades and temperature modulators.

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